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From Now This News:

So what does that mean for our internet usage? Back in December 2017, the FCC voted to repeal the Net Neutrality rules enacted by the Obama Administration, which prohibited internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from charging customers for certain content, blocking websites, and throttling data. Without those Net Neutrality rules, the Internet will slowly become “the Wild West,” according to Now This Future’s Alejandro Alba. Internet service providers can do basically whatever they want and many fear that they will start censoring content and charging more for better, service. The repeal would also allow for providers to offer “fast lanes,” for big internet and media companies to occupy, and leave every else it left in the laggy “slow lane.” ATT, Verizon, and Comcast have publicly stated that they won’t be blocking or slowing down content — but they also all supported the repeal. Several states are also fighting back to restore Net Neutrality. Washington, Oregon, and California have passed bills reinstating it — there have also been a total of 29 state legislatures that have introduced bills meant to ensure Net Neutrality as of May 2018.

We fought alongside many other IT and ISP companies to keep NN alive… our hope is now that the states who have legislation in place properly enforce it, while those that don’t – assume some proper legislation in their upcoming agendas.

The fight is not OVER !